MK Ranch on Nature Park Vransko Lake near Pakoštane MK Ranch provides free therapeutic riding


… it all began in the summer of 2008, when Mladen bought his first mare from America (Dees Reference). During one trip to Italy and after a long conversation, Mladen and Michael came up with the idea to build a ranch on a beautiful location in the nature park Vransko jezero, in order to provide the possibility for everybody to spend nice moments with beautiful creatures . The ideas began to spread and imagination did its work, thus contributing to the realization of Mladen’s dream of that pleasant place. After a short period of time, the ranch on the sea coast  was built in the summer of 2009. Several horses from all around the world were gathered, the ones for therapy riding, the school of riding and trekking , as well as those for recreation and competition, but also horses for sale. The primary purpose of all this is therapy riding, which is rare on the Croatian coast. The most important thing is that it is free of charge and everything that we provide on the MK Ranch is a result of donations for children and adults, which have the need for therapy riding, as well as relaxation and contact with horses. All the money from the riding school is also a donation for therapy riding. There are also some small services which are provided by the ranch for those who are in the so called “world of horses”, namely: horse breaking, horse trainings and removing hard problems with your own horse. All in all, if you are interested in something more, take some time and visit us. We would be very grateful if you support us in our goals and programs, primarily concerning therapy and rehabilitation, but also in view of the competition activities.

Western riding style, this style is a completely different principle from the English riding style. There are many differences, it is mainly the race of the most horses (quarter horse, paint horse, appaloosa, Argentinean horses…), then there are differences in the equipment from the saddle to the reins, curb bits, guards… The method is based on applying pressure and loosening during the training. This style is also ideal for trekking and recreation riding.

MK Ranch provides FREE THERAPEUTIC RIDING for adults, Croatian war veterans, children with special needs and disabilities

Mladen Koceić

president of the association


Nature Park Vransko Lake
23211 Pakoštane, Croatia